I Am Incorrigible

I needed a couple new tires today, so I went to Discount Tire…

He was very pretty.

But wait! There’s more!



Remember when Boomers were the “it” generation? Everyone was beating a path to our door.

Now it seems we’re the root of all evil.


Probably because I’m taking the day off. But tomorrow—and indeed the rest of the week—promises to be a bitch. On Friday a huge move (90 people across two campuses) is scheduled. No movers are involved at all. The users are moving their own crap, we have no gondolas to move the equipment (only the standard rubbermaid carts), and there is really no plan in place as to who moves first and in what order to make it as painless as possible. Supposedly we’ve got a lot of help scheduled, but any real plan in place, I fear this is going to be an absolute clusterfuck.

And did I mention my boss is out that day?

Quote of the Day

There are millions of people who share his anger, his paranoia, and his hatred. That’s what bothers me. It really sounds like the dumbing down of America. Some of the people I talk to have a fuzzy line between the Constitution and the Bible. I think we have to stop this man who wants to be The Dictator. It bothers me that people can’t read him…it’s such a bare exposure of greed and the lust for power.” ~ Dick Van Dyke


“I’m into expanding people’s idea of what’s sexy, because I think our culture is almost anorexic in terms of what it views as sexy. To me, human beings are sexy. If you want to exploit the fact that my body isn’t perfect but you find me sexy—if it’s used in that context, and sometimes it is—then I’m cool with it. Whatever gets you to broaden your scope and find your own Hopper in your world—that guy or that girl at the deli who has a beautiful soul but is a little bit fat or whatever—that’s what I want to expand in this world.“

David Harbour for Playboy, 2019

August 1986

In addition to True Blue (post below), the other main component of the soundtrack of transitioning from Tucson to my new life in San Francisco was Pet Shop Boys’ Please. It was also one of those albums (along with True Blue) that I only ever owned on CD from that period.

I rectified that last April.

I’m really amazed it sounds as good as it does on vinyl because until this purchase, I’d only ever heard it digitally.

Although it doesn’t happen any more, for many, many years after purchasing Please I would jump out of my skin at the PC beep in Two Divided By Zero because at that time the sound was so…unexpected. Now I don’t even consciously hear it.

Still my favorite PSB album.


It arrived today, and it’s perfect.  One of four personal Holy Gails acquired.

Next up, Kraftwerk: Man Machine (in red), then—of course—Prince: Purple Rain (in purple), and finally Madonna: Bedtime Stories (in pink)*.


*after finally seeing photos of the 2-disk Bedtime Stories album, I’ve kind of lost my hard-on for getting them. I wasn’t expecting Dolly Parton Baby I’m Burnin pink; I was thinking it would be more of a pale pink like was used on the Bedtime Story CD Single.

Customs and Border Protection Agents Get Their Asses Handed to Them.

From Truthspew:

Oh this is delightful. I mean come on, when I started reading the article I said to myself this has to be a 4th Amendment violation. Sure enough.

Go read it here. The link was on Facebook from the ACLU – non-existent deity bless them. They don’t get thanked enough for their protecting us from constitutional abuses. 

One thing – now it’s completely voluntary. I’m waiting for TSA to get their asses handed to them too because the searches and shit, that’s unconstitutional too. I mean come on what part of the 4th did the assholes at TSA not understand. And besides, there are better ways to protect flights. Despite the wishes of the Petulant Man Child in Chief aka the President. I don’t even want to invoke that assholes name.

I commented on the FB post that I’d like to go through and just throw them the finger/bird/.whatever and then comment “In Trappist circles that is known as I am the one in charge. ” I mean it is voluntary right? Because in my book respect goes two ways.