Well That Was a Waste of Time

So much for all the opportunities the recruiter told me she had yesterday. Turns out she was only collecting resumes. The entire interview lasted less than ten minutes. “We have several things we’re working on at the moment and if you’re a good match for any of them I’ll be in touch.”


And she couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to move into the I.T. Director position.  I said, “Look, I’m a desktop tech. I love being a desktop tech. I hope to be doing desktop support until I retire.” I don’t expect to hear anything more from her, and frankly, that’s okay. I also got in touch with another one of the recruiters I worked with last summer to let him know I was on the market again.

I didn’t have quite as much luck contacting the firm that placed me where I am now. No one there was answering their phones and the emails I sent to the recruiter who handled my account were getting bounced back.

At least it was a nice day off. And I got to have lunch with my man.


Back Into the Job Hunt

About a month ago my boss bore the brunt of anger from the CEO over the fact that “50% of our faxes are not being received.”  Aside from the fact that I’m tempted to ask why our business is still dependent on technology from the last century, I think the powers that be overreacted completely to a situation that was only marginally under I.T.’s control.  (How exactly are we responsible for ensuring that paper faxes are delivered to the intended recipient after they’re spit out of the machines?) There were a lot of other, smaller incidents preceding this, so I guess it was the proverbial straw.

Within days of the beating, (while there were no physical bruises, he really did look like a dog who’d been savaged by a rolled up newspaper) he resigned his position as I.T. Director. This was devastating, not only because I truly liked working with the guy and looked up to him, but also because he had a hell of a lot more knowledge about what went on “behind the wall” (a phrase the I.T. Director at my last job used a lot) than I ever could hope for. But none of us in the department were too worried; he was going to stay with the firm, “in another capacity.”

Well that changed today. He’s officially leaving as of the end of the month. This follows on the heels of one of our application analysts quitting earlier this week. We were a small shop to begin with, and this is going to seriously cripple the department. In a meeting today, the COO said she expected all of us who remain (a grand total of 3) to take up the slack and “take on additional responsibilities” until a suitable replacement can be hired.

Yeah, we know how that works, doesn’t it?  We somehow manage to keep the spice flowing, and all of a sudden they realize they don’t need to hire any replacements.

Before you know it, Alexander finds himself as I.T. Director at the same pay he was making as a desktop tech. WHAT A SAVINGS!

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

I have no interest in his job—even if they tripled my current salary—and yet it’s obvious that I’m being pushed in that direction.

I am a desktop tech, not a systems administrator. Not an I.T. Manager. I like what I do. I know what I do, and frankly just keeping up with the changes occurring in that aspect of technology is hard enough without having to now know and understand (to the point of being able to fill in when they’re out) what the the other members of the department do.

As usual, management is clueless about tech works. Clueless.

So, my resume was updated and reactivated on Monster and Dice right after I got out of the meeting, and tonight I’ll be hitting all the other job sites I utilized last summer.  Almost immediately after finishing on those two initial sites I started getting emails from recruiters. I have a meeting scheduled tomorrow with one of the bigger recruiting firms (I’m taking a sick day) and have followed up with another who claimed I’d be a perfect fit for a position they have coming available in about two to three weeks.

Having been through this all before, I can only say, “We’ll see…”

I take some consolation in knowing that when I originally moved to San Francisco the first job I had there didn’t work out either—but led me to a place I where I stayed for the next 8 years. The same thing happened when I moved back to Phoenix in 2002.

Fingers crossed.

Fuck This Shit

It’s been in the 70s and 80s for over a week now and the trees everywhere are in full bloom. Then this happens.

I seriously hate this place.

I LOLed Because It's True

“It’s interesting how April Fools day on Gizmodo feels like any other day. Its hard to tell intentionally crappy stories from the normal, accidentally crappy ones. I guess its shame on me continuously coming back thinking I will see something cool AND well reported on.” ~ bobeotm001 on Gizmodo

Road Trip Day 2: Spontaneity is the Spice of Life

Who would’ve thought that we’d find the best Mexican food since leaving Phoenix in a converted Long John Silver’s in Gillette, Wyoming?

It’s true. Last night we tried a place called Los Compadres (no idea if there’s any relation to the Phoenix chain), and except for cole slaw being substituted for the usual shredded lettuce, it had the Arizona Mexican food taste we’ve been missing all these months.

Today’s goal (and in fact, the whole reason for this trip) was Devil’s Tower.

Very impressive, even if we didn’t have any Close Encounters of the Third—or any other—Kind.

The boulders at the base of the tower are huge:

This is a wood ladder built in the 1890s:

And here is some crazy guy climbing the tower. He was about 2/3 of the way up:

Neither one of us was paying attention to the other when we got dressed this morning. It was only after we were about a half hour from the hotel that we realized we were all matchy-matchy. One of those couples. Ugh.

The baby is due any day now…

This picture gives you a better idea of how incredibly large the boulders are at the base of the tower. I was surprised—and a little disappointed—to learn that none of the boulders (or any of the columns) have fallen for the entire time the tower has been a national park (a little over a hundred years). Seeing one of those columns shear loose would be awesome:

And what would a road trip be without some sneaky pics?

It was around noon when we finished up hiking around the base of the Tower and Ben asked, “Want to go to Mt. Rushmore?”

We checked the travel time (about two hours), and since neither of us had ever been there, we thought, why not?

Not as impressive as Devil’s Tower (both of us were expecting it to be a lot bigger), but still worth the effort to get there.

I’ve also learned (somewhat belatedly) that my fancy-schmancy DSLR takes the best pictures when I set it on Auto or Programmed and don’t mess with it…

Road Trip!

Ben has this week off for spring break, and I’ve finally accumulated enough PTO to allow a couple days away from the madness that has become my workplace (more on that some other time). So what were we going to do with this newfound freedom from responsibility?

Road Trip!

But where?  Four days is not enough time to go back to Phoenix, or even to St. Louis—a destination we’ve had our eye on since I passed through a few years ago on my way to bury my mom’s ashes in Wisconsin.

One place I’ve wanted to see in person since the release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind was Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. With all the years I lived in Phoenix or the Bay Area, it was always too far to justify the time and expense. Even when I went to Yellowstone back in 2007, visiting would’ve been a stretch since it was on the opposite side of the state.

But lo and behold, it was only about a six hour drive from Denver!

Day One: Where the Buffalo Roam

My initial impressions of the part of Wyoming we passed through? Lots and lots of rolling hills covered in light yellow grass and bovines of one type or another. Ben spent a lot of the drive today napping; he didn’t miss much.

One highlight however were the bright red roads in certain areas. Ben asked if they were paved with baby’s blood, and I responded, “Well, Dick Cheney is from here…”

Maintenance of this section of highway proudly sponsored by the Church of Satan.

Tomorrow should be much more interesting.

"Christians are a Persecuted Minority in This Country"




I was greeted by this blaring from a radio in a parked SUV when I arrived at work today. I didn’t see the owner, but I have a pretty good idea of who it was based on the ratio of bible-verses vs. work related items posted in certain cubes around the office.

Minority?!? Seriously?

I am so tired of this bullshit, and the critically misinformed, low-information voters who lap it up.