The Last Workday of 2017

And I’m here by myself, with both coworkers again being “on leave” at the last minute.

I knew from looking at my supervisor’s calendar earlier this week that they’d be gone yesterday, but there was nothing about either of them being gone today as well. I guess that’s one of the perks of being a beloved FTE who has worked ONE PLACE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE; you get to magically extend your paid leave with little or no notice.

I can just imagine what would happen if I tried that. Nevermind that as a contractor I have no paid or holiday leave (and I only have a meager amount of sick time because of a new Arizona law that went into effect last July). “Uh Mark, there have been some staffing changes, and we’ve notified your agency that your services will no longer be required.” Yeah, we’ve seen that script played out many times over the nearly two years I’ve worked here.

Oh well. There was literally nothing going on yesterday, and based on how empty the parking lot was when I rolled up I doubt much will be happening today either. Heck, all the lights were off in my section of the building when I arrived…