The Ongoing Keyboard Saga

I know y’all are probably as tired of hearing me bitch about the keyboard issues on my six-month-old MacBook Pro as Ben is, but this is my blog and I’ll bitch if I want to.

This week I finally reached the end of my rope with this fucking keyboard. I got a little cash for tending my sister’s cats over the holidays, so I bit the bullet and ordered a larger hard drive and more memory for Ben’s old MacBook so I can transfer all my data and then take mine in for service and comfortably be without it for however long it takes Apple to replace the entire top case—because just the keyboard can’t be replaced. No, the entire top case and battery (because it’s  glued in place) has to be swapped out as well . The hardware I ordered is due to arrive from Amazon today and tomorrow, and I have an appointment at the Apple Store on Saturday.

It’s as if the machine knows what’s going to happen. Now all of a sudden I have not one wonky key, but five that either won’t type without pounding on them or type double characters. I’ve followed Apple’s ridiculous keyboard “maintenance” instructions and now in addition to the aforementioned keys still not working, two of them are brighter than the others. (Obviously the compressed air loosened and blew away something under the keycaps that controlled the brightness.)

I swear this is the worst MacBook I’ve ever bought from Apple. Every day I regret not purchasing last year’s model when I had the opportunity. I pray to the gods that the keyboard is fixed/reverted/redesigned on the next iteration of these machines because at that time this one is getting replaced as soon as possible thereafter.