Morning Commute

I Feel Love notwithstanding, I really did not like this album when it first came out. Based on my acquisition of Giorgio Moroder’s From Here to Eternity earlier that summer and Donna’s own I Feel Love that was being played everywhere, I was expecting the entire album to be in that same hard-thumping electronic vein, and it most definitely was not.

What we got on Side 1 was sixteen minutes of 50s-inspired bebop that flew in the face of everything Giorgio (or for that matter, Donna) had done previously. And now I believe that was the whole point.

As the years have gone by, those A-Side tracks have grown to become my favorites, magically transporting me back to sun-dappled autumn afternoons in my dorm room at the University of Arizona. I may not have liked the album, but damn I played the hell out of it because it was Donna!

The B-side contained three more tracks (a more traditional mix of soul/disco that were good, but not as good as the flip side) before culminating in the still-amazing I Feel Love.