Better Late Than Never

About a month before our wedding anniversary this year, I ordered a gift for Ben. When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect since both of us are such geeks. I thought I’d allowed plenty of time for it to arrive—but I hadn’t anticipated it sitting at customs in Los Angeles for nearly three weeks. As it turned out, it did arrive on the day of the anniversary, but it was still no good. It needed to be properly framed and there was no way Ben was going to see it until it had been.

finally got it back from the framer’s last night. And as I’d expected, Ben loved it!

But I’m not so thrilled. This star map is backwards from what you’d expect. It’s not what you’d see looking up, but rather what you’d see if you looked down onto the earth from a vantage point on the outside of some celestial sphere (or like on a globe) upon which the stars had been fixed. It’s very disappointing.