THIS is why…

…you do not give a 6-year old pyromaniac a box of matches and drop him into a field of dry grass.

I just can’t anymore. Today has left me completely overwhelmed and at this point I just want to say, “Do it, you fucking bastard. Nuke the goddamned planet and get it over with. I can’t deal with your BULLSHIT and Congress’s refusal to do anything to rein you in any longer!”

I wish I still had the spiritual outlook that would allow me to believe in an afterlife—or reincarnation (as I once did). At least then I could take some solace in knowing we’ll all end up in a better place—or with the trillions of planets in the universe, at least somewhere else—on the next go round; that in the grand scheme of things, turning this Earth into a charred cinder and extinguishing all life on it doesn’t real mean anything.

But I can’t think that way anymore. While there may be trillions of habitable planets teeming with life, each one—including the Earth—is unique and as humans, we each have one life. I would hate to think that at a distant point in the future some Galactic Survey ship encounters one of the Voyager probes, locates its source and swings through our little backwater system only to find a burnt-out irradiated rock third from the sun; all evidence of humanity wiped away because some narcissistic, sociopathic man-baby with a micro-penis had to prove what a man he was.


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