One Reply to “Such Delicate Snowflakes”

  1. At least some justice!
    But beyond my schadenfreud, something inside me still wishes things could be resolved like in the movie Kirikou and the Sorceress.

    At one point, we understand that the Sorceress is mean because she’s suffering. We got prepared to a happier ending.

    You can guess those offenders were not role model with racism as only flaw.
    One must be highly disturbed to do what they’ve done. I recoil at only reading what they’ve committed.

    So I’ve got a weird compassion for the offender too. Who are to believe the made-up scapegoat stories that point at certain group as the source of all harms? Who are to feel entitled to discriminate others, and feel as a better person doing so?
    This sole idea is soul-shrinking to me. They are distraught people. It’s not because you’re unhappy that you’re entitled to harm innocent people.

    So, justice and jail is an answer. But prison are already full (lol, at least it will make a better ratio of white people in them).
    More down to earth, beyond the fact that there’s no impunity for racists, I wonder what they’ll learn in prison.
    Their family -children- will suffer too. I’m not at ease with the ripple effects of putting people in prison.
    I would prefer better ending, people to open their eyes, sincere apologies, reparation. I would like people acting and reacting as man and woman with dignity, not offender acting reacting like 6-year-old, bullying then crying.

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