Yeah, I used to read the newspaper (you remember those, actual physical objects, right?) during lunch back in the 80s and 90s (a lot of time just for the latest installment of Bloom County), but I was never what you’d call a news junkie.

But like so many other things, that all changed on 9/11. I was glued to the television set and the radio in the aftermath, and as we descended into the Madness of King George during the subsequent years, it seemed the whole world came online, feeding our need addiction to be informed of what was going on in every corner on the globe.

This obsession has only gotten worse under the reign of 45. Every day I scour my feeds in hopes of finding some nugget, some morsel of good news: notice of his resignation, his impending Impeachment and removal from office, the invocation of the 25th Amendment…anything to restore sanity to this glitch-in-the-matrix, alternate-reality we were thrust into six months ago. There are glimmers of hope. Amid the now-daily, further-down-the-rabbit-hole revelations of criminal wrongdoing and Russian collusion, news of hearings and investigations are finally starting to break through the noise. The noose is slowly tightening around the necks of everyone connected with the criminal cabal currently occupying the Oval Office, but it’s all moving so slowly. I realize that the wheels of justice turn slowly and there can be no mistakes made in this process if we are to rid our country of this cancer, but I want the nightmare to end now. I want to go back to some semblance of a normal life, of normal sleep patterns…of not having to constantly wonder how much more damage that asshole, his cronies or his enablers will wreak before they’re all ultimately behind bars. (I’d much prefer to see justice delivered in the manner employed by the French Revolution, but we are a civilized country after all.)

Most of all, I want the firehose of steaming bullshit shut off. I realize that all politicians lie—as a certain insurance company’s current advertising campaign goes, “It’s what they do”—but to be lied to so blatantly, in such an obvious how-stupid-do-you-think-we-are manner with a straight face and absolutely no push back from the media has to end! I’m tired of the jokes, the parodies, and the fact that you cannot escape news of that demented, motherfucking man-baby no matter where you go online.

In short, I want my—I want our—lives back. I want intelligent, rational adults back in charge of this country so I don’t have to worry every waking moment about what’s going on in Washington.

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