The Only Advantage…

…of being on the GOP/Trump Mailing List (because I actually responded and filled out their stupid surveys earlier this year) is that you get the most hilarious, pathetic money-begs, giving me real insight into what they think will appeal the Shitgibbon’s base and successfully separate them from their money:

The only reason I haven’t had my email removed from this nonsense is that I get to reply with the most wonderful graphics:

I know that no one will ever see these return emails, but it provides me a certain amount of satisfaction anyway.

5 Replies to “The Only Advantage…”

      1. Hahahha. The photo gives me a great laugh, and will have to do until the real live footage documenting the orange shitstain in his new prison cell, being plowed on both ends, airs nationwide 24/7 for at least a month. His ravaged ass turned to bloody pudding by the general population is the opening shot. His mouth trying to keep up with cock and cum entertains, until he gags, chokes and dies. Of course, the plowing doesn’t stop.

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