The Stupid, It Burns

I watch a lot of home improvement shows, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot of stupid things, but this has to take the cake.

On Raise the Roof the contractor/host/actor/model/waiter was remodeling a study as part of the project and for some reason left the owner’s couch in the room and then built a wall with a doorway too small to get it out. Yes. Seriously. And the idiot didn’t even realize it until it was time to refinish the floors.

Their solution?

Yes. They hung it from the ceiling. OMFG. What are the owners going to do when they decide to move out, or just buy new furniture?

And then there was this

And what the fuck

If I didn’t know better I’d think this was an episode of First Time Flippers…

2 Replies to “The Stupid, It Burns”

  1. I saw that episode and thought they were joking about hoisting the couch; I was stunned when I realized they weren’t.

  2. Our basement has a lot of door molding and custom doors and things that have odd cut-outs and what-not. It was necessary to get around duct work and to “finish” the doors where there really wasn’t room. But I have to say, it actually looks pretty good anyway, better than most finished basements I’ve seen in our neighborhood. Sometimes you’ve got to get creative! For instance, we have a TV “room” that is just a sliver of a thing that conceals the sump pump, and allows access to the BACK of the TV and its ports. If we ever upgrade our TV, we just unbolt it from its mount, and swap in a new one. Ingenious, but it did need some interesting notching of the door frame molding.

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