I Call Bullshit

So apparently now if you’re a gay man and not sexually attracted to [black, brown, yellow, white…you fill in the blank] men, you’re a racist.

Give me a fucking break.

To pull a line from one of the great gay films of the 80s, Parting Glances, “I mean, your dick knows what it likes. You reach puberty, you don’t fucking decide what you like. You ask your dick. You say, ‘Hey, Dick, what do you like?’ and you go for it.”

Listen…during my many years of adult life on this planet, I’ve slept with pretty much every color of the rainbow. Admittedly it was sometimes out of curiosity (since until that time I hadn’t done it), and other times because the particular individual wanted me, but let’s face it: we all have our particular kinks, preferences, and fetishes, and I’ll be damned if going to be judged for it by some politically correct asshole.

And using this same type of reasoning the obvious question arises, are we sexist because we’re gay and not sexually attracted to women?


One Reply to “I Call Bullshit”

  1. So explain why a lot of guys here in southern Arizona, 95 percent white or Hispanic, make sure they say “No Asians, no blacks” in their profile ads. The likelihood that an Asian or African-American guy would contact them is slim (because there are so few of them here) and even if they did, they have the option of just ignoring the message. I believe they are signaling to like minded men their racist views. You hardly ever see profiles saying “No whites.”

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