Amazing Grace

Yesterday morning while I was unloading the dishwasher, I was listening to Grace Jones’ Nightclubbing on my phone that I’d connected to the stereo in the living room. I then realized I had this gem on vinyl, and promptly got it out and set it spinning.

Oh. My. God. The difference in sound quality was astounding. Have we really all become so enured to the compressed mp3 sound that we don’t even realize what we’re missing?

Anyway, this sent me off on a Grace binge. Nightclubbing wasn’t near enough…

Sadly, I realized I do not yet have Warm Leatherette (probably my second favorite of her albums after Nightclubbing) back on vinyl yet. That will have to be rectified.

You can never have too much Grace in your life.

She’s going to be 69 this year. 2017, don’t you even think about it.