Impure Thoughts

I was going to write a short review of the first part of SyFy’s Childhood’s End today, but while watching it again this morning I was distracted by how well Mike Vogel’s beautiful ass does cowboy boots and skinny jeans.

Just sayin’, Mike. Just sayin’.

That being said, what I can say so far is that I’m not at all disappointed with what I’ve seen. My biggest fear was that SyFy was going to totally screw up one of the most iconic and revered stories in science fiction. While it’s not a word-for-word adaptation of Clark’s original material, they seem to have done an admirable job of moving the 60 year-old material into the 21st century while staying true to the author’s vision. There are a few differences so far between screen and book (mainly the role of the character played by Mr. Vogel and the span-of-time between the Overlords’ arrival and their physical reveal), but these changes still work, (you wouldn’t even know if you hadn’t read the book) and I liken the overall feel to how the network rebooted Battlestar Galactica.

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    1. I am! I’m not at all familiar with that source material, but so far it’s reminding me a lot of the space-based portions of Peter Hamilton’s The Reality Dysfunction series—or at least the way I envisioned the overall look and feel of those portions while reading the books.

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