I’m Not Sure…

…how being forced to attend a mandatory company outing—and having to pay for the privilege ourselves—can be considered “getting the day off.”

Hey, we’re not known as “America’s second worst company to work for” for no reason!

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  1. WTF? Really??

    I guess I’m just naive. Even the worst places I’ve worked in my life have never tried that kind of crap.

    Of course, there was the attorney who called my cell phone on my wedding day …

    “Carl, I know you’re getting married right now but I need you to call me right away!”

    I called her when I returned to the office … she didn’t know where to order toner for her home printer.

    Much sympathies, my friend.

  2. Hell, I work for the worst company of the year and they don’t make us pay for crap like that. I just tell my boss, I’d rather stay in the office and get work done than drive across the state for a dry hamburger @ some dumb function planned for us.

  3. It’s not, at least not in California, where I’m an attorney. Here, if your employer requires you to be there, it’s work and you have to be paid for it. Moreover, they have to reimburse you for the expense and the use of your vehicle to get there (assuming it was not at your normal place of business).

    Maybe they meant you were “getting the day off” from your normal duties?However, if they didn’t pay you, because it was mandatory, you probably should get paid and probably should have your expenses and mileage reimbursed. You may want to look at Colorado law on the subject. I am not admitted there, so I cannot advise you on what Colorado law is on the subject.

    However, having grown up there, I would bet that it is illegal there, too.

    I’m sorry you have to work for a company that pulls stuff like that. I once had a trip on which I attended a conference for work and worked in every single other waking minute on an “urgent” project treated as vacation. I also had to spend a significant amount of time on my honeymoon working on another “urgent” project. In both cases, I was expected to be thankful for having been “given” a “vacation.” I have a hard time being thankful for having to revise a contract in a hotel room in Waikiki rather than going to the beach, or for skipping time with my husband to revise another one. So, I feel your pain.

    Some jobs suck to the point that they’re breaking the law, and they still act like you should think they’re terrific. It’s amazing how clueless some employers are. They think they’re improving morale, when they’re really destroying it.


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