I've Been There!

I found this online and immediately thought, “I’ve been there!”

And I so want to go back. ┬áMaybe for next summer’s road trip…

Smile and Nod

That’s my new mantra for work, since apparently I now have an attitude.

I’m going to use Heather McDonald as my inspiration. I love her. She has one of the best fake celebrity smiles in the business. Whenever I feel a “fuck you, you stupid, willfully ignorant cow” moment coming on, I’ll think of Heather on the red carpet…

And Then the Tornadoes Came

At least in a dream last night.

Work, work, work. It’s always about work.

I was at the office, and one of those dark, ominous storms was moving in. “This is not good,” I thought as I kept glancing out the window. I looked up and saw the clouds swirling in a circular motion and saw the funnel forming.

Apparently others had too, because the office manager came over the intercom and instructed everyone to go downstairs to the inner hallways as we’d done a so many times before in drills. “Not without my laptop,” I thought as I grabbed it, shoved it in its case and then into my backpack, and joined the procession downstairs.

The twister came and went. Our building was spared any real damage, but the adjacent structure had windows blown out.

The all clear was given, and the next thing I know I was walking down the street towards a non-existent (in real life) cafe. The clouds were dissipating and the sun was peeking out. Everything was a mess. As I was walking, another band of dark clouds started to move in, and I hurried my pace. (Where my car was in all of this, I haven’t a clue. Maybe I took public transit to work that day.) I arrived at the cafe and stood transfixed in front of the television, watching reports of the devastation around Denver. I looked outside and saw the band of clouds heading northwest, where Ben was (at his old school). I took out my phone to warn him, and saw he’d been frantically texting me, trying to warn me of the approaching storms. I tied to text back but it wasn’t working.

Suddenly it was night. Nothing came of the second storm, so I left the cafe and started walking to the train station. The wind picked up and suddenly there was another twister in the distance. Buildings exploded as it touched them, causing fires to spiral up into the sky.

Somehow having managed to escape that, the next thing I remember was being in my car, with the sun brightly shining, driving west down Colfax Avenue, noting all the destruction that lined the street. I had finally made contact with Ben and he was all right. We were both heading back home to survey the damage. I worried about what shape our place would be in, but simultaneously thought, “Well, if we’ve lost everything we have insurance; we’ll start fresh in the new apartment.”

And that is when I woke up.

One Of The Most Bizarre Houses…

…I ever designed.

It was literally a “dream” house, a residence that popped up in a dream sometime in 1999 and so obsessed me for the next few days that I had to commit it to paper (or at least bytes). In the dream it was built on the east side of Twin Peaks in San Francisco, facing downtown.

You entered at street level. Living, dining, and kitchen were all on this level:

On the upper floor was a guest room and sitting area open to the living/dining area below. Not very practical, I know, but it has the advantage of not letting guests get too comfortable:

Downstairs was the master bedroom that I chose to call the “retreat.” The bed fit in the area between the deck and the low bookcase running between the two support columns. Since there are no other bedrooms, this house was obviously designed for a single person or couple.

There wasn’t much to the exterior; a simple stucco finish that relied more on the masses of the house than decoration to make a statement:

I showed these to my boss at the time and she was blown away that I’d do this “just for fun.” I miss those guys. Too bad the company crashed and burned…

This is Cool

Here’s a thermal photo of a 13″ Macbook Air that pretty much confirms my own experience with the laptop. Warmest parts are the upper center of the keyboard, directly under the CPU and at the top left above the thermal exhaust port: