Look What I Got Today

I know you might find it odd that a rabid atheist like me would go out of his way to procure an LP of music from the most of biblical film spectaculars of the 50s, but that’s exactly what I did and there’s a story behind it.

This record had been in my family for years, but I don’t consciously remember hearing it until I was about 13 years old—about the same time I discovered a love of science fiction. Even then I didn’t care much for the themes behind the music, but I played that record to death.

One of my favorite stories of that period was Rescue Party by Arthur C. Clarke, and the first time I read it, this record was playing in the background.  To this day I can’t hear this music without thinking of Alvernon, the Galactic Survey Ship S9000, and their valiant attempt to locate the population of Earth just six hours before the sun was to go nova.

I replaced the well worn record with a new copy when I was in college, but sold it—along with the rest of my vinyl—in a fit of madness shortly after I moved to San Francsco.  Over the years, I’ve managed to replace most of my collection, but King of Kings has been elusive.

Thank you, eBay.