Goodbye 2007!

New Year’s Eve has never been a night of raucous partying for me. More than anything else, it’s that time when I look back and quietly take stock of the preceding year and give thanks for the blessings it’s conferred.

2007 has been an interesting year. Leaving the deteriorating state of our country out of the equation (because it’s such a mood killer), it really wasn’t a half bad year for me personally.

A year ago I knew Marc only through his blog; since meeting him in February he’s become one of my best friends in Arizona. Likewise I never would’ve expected to meet Adam, or that I would actually drive to Wyoming to meet Knottyboy. One year ago tonight if you’d told me that I’d be buying a new car—and a MINI at that—just three months later, I would’ve laughed uncontrollably.

On the other hand, I had been expecting the continual good reports on my throat that came through, if not the unexpected surgery in November to clear away some cobwebs. And while the satisfaction level with my job dropped almost to the point of forcing me to look for another position late last summer, even that returned to normalcy and this coming April I’ll be celebrating a four year anniversary with the company.

Speaking of anniversaries, at the same time I’m celebrating the four year employment anniversary, I’ll be celebrating that all important five-year mark of being cancer free.

Yes, 2008 is definitely looking up, and I can only hope it’s filled with as many pleasant surprises as 2007!

Something else that was expected was Mom going into assisted living. Both my sister and I said a year ago that because of her advancing Alzheimer’s, one year hence she would no longer be living on her own. We’re actually going a bit over one year on that prediction, but it’s come to fruition nonetheless. The coming year should also only be good for her, as she moves into an environment that can provide the increasing amount of care and attention that she will need as the disease progresses.

And just think…in only 385 more days, we’ll have a new president and our long national nightmare will finally be over!