My Very First Sneaky Pic

It was the last day of classes (or maybe the day after, I don’t honestly remember at this point) at the University of Arizona in Tucson, 1976. Since I would shortly be returning home to Phoenix for the summer, I was out taking photos around campus (with my old Kodak Tourist Camera that shot eight—eight—photos per roll of film) and as I was leaving the Student Union, I caught sight of this fine specimen leaving as well. I kept a discreet distance as I followed, hoping to find out where he was heading and maybe use the single remaining shot available on that roll of film to capture him.

Imagine my surprise when he stopped on the mall right outside the Union, stripped off his shirt, and sprawled out in all his glory on the grass to eat an apple. As George Takei would say, “Oh my~~~~~y!”

I never found out where he was headed. I wonder where he is now, 40 years later?

I Am Incorrigible

This guy reminded me so much of a boy I dated shortly after I moved to San Francisco in 1987, I couldn’t help but snap a dozen or so photos of him. Sadly, Kevin is no longer with us; a victim of the horrible early 90s when the plague seemed to be ripping people from our lives on a daily basis, but seeing this guy brought back so many good memories I can’t help smiling.