Addicted to the Internets

I think part of the reason I’m so hopelessly addicted to the internet right now is that I am constantly searching for some good news, for some relief from the horrible, morally-draining, depressing situation this country finds itself in.

Every time I log in, I hope to be greeted with some screaming headline like:



Or any number of other things that only fear for my own karma prevent me from publicly stating. But sadly, it seems every login only brings more news of the America we know and love being systematically destroyed by the Russian Puppet, one of his cloven-hoofed minions, or the Republican Congress (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Russian Federation) all while the media is spewing BULLSHIT with absolutely no push-back happening whatsoever.

And what’s worse is it feels like we are powerless to stop it.

John Ossoff’s loss last night to Karen Handel didn’t help matters. So many of us had viewed that as a bellwether of the 2018 mid-terms and in fact, despite the initially demoralizing loss, it may still be. GA06 was a deep red district that went overwhelmingly to Trump and whose last Republican handedly won over his Democratic challenger by 21%. Handel won by only 4%. If that can happen in a red district, imagine what could happen in a purple one…

Surprisingly perhaps, I still save faith in our system and that the country will eventually wake from this nightmare; we’ve endured worse and have come through a better people because of it—but I am impatient and I want it to be over with now. I want to be able to go back to sleeping soundly at night. I don’t want to be walking around in a continual cloud of depression. I don’t want to have to think about what the President is doing, because I know he’s an adult, and has this country’s best interest at heart.

In short, I want to see that illegitimate bastard currently occupying the White House and every one of his associates dragged away in chains. But thanks to the likes of The Palmer Report (whose every lede and bit of reporting has been borne out as factual) and others, I know the wheels of justice are turning; just not as quickly as I’d like. But impeachment is not something to be rushed. It takes time; all the i’s must be dotted and the t’s crossed if we are to rid ourselves of the criminal cabal currently dismantling our country and destroying our place in the world.

When I finally shuffle off this mortal coil I want the ferret-wearing, cheeto-faced shitgibbon and his willfully ignorant, red-capped lunatic followers to be but a distant memory, a cancer was successfully eradicated from the body politic, and if that takes a longer than I’d like, it will be worth it.

Just Think…

…it only would’ve taken one to prevent our current national nightmare.
And yet I can’t help thinking if not Trump, it would’ve been someone else, equally vile. The current occupant of the White House is merely indicative of a lesson this country—and indeed all of humanity—needs to learn.

It’s Official: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Donald Trump for Felony Obstruction of Justice

The rabbit hole just got much, much deeper for Donald Trump. After it was seemingly confirmed by last week’s testimony from former FBI Director James Comey, it’s now been made official this evening: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, a felony.

The news is coming in from multiple sources this evening, including the Washington Post (link). The news is potentially devastating for Donald Trump, and it likely means that his narrow window for trying to get away with preemptively firing Mueller has now closed.

Mueller will be interviewing everyone involved, including the NSA Director and the Director of National Intelligence, as Trump is suspected of having tried and failed to lean on all of them in an effort to derail the FBI’s investigation of the Russia scandal.

Notably, the WaPo report asserts that Donald Trump has been under investigation since shortly after he fired Comey. So while that confirms that Comey was being truthful when he told Trump he wasn’t being investigated at the time, Comey’s demise has now changed things dramatically.

The fact that Donald Trump is now under investigation for obstruction of justice is crucial, because that’s the same charge that forced Richard Nixon out of the presidency. Trump hasn’t yet had a public response to the news.


Impeach Him NOW

From Robert Reich:

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) is already drafting articles of impeachment related to Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, believing there’s enough evidence of Trump’s obstruction of justice to begin an impeachment inquiry (not to mention Trump’s blatant violation of the Constitutions emoluments clause by profiting off his presidency, and much else).

But Democratic leaders are pushing back, warning there aren’t enough facts to justify an impeachment inquiry at this point, and, in any event, such an inquiry would politicize ongoing congressional investigations. 


Historically, the three previous impeachment inquiries in the House (involving presidents Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton) rested on less evidence of obstruction of justice than is already publicly known about Trump.

Comey’s testimony to Congress is itself more than enough – confirming that Trump demanded Comey’s loyalty, asked Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn, repeatedly told Comey the FBI investigation was a “cloud” on his presidency, and asked Comey to declare publicly that Trump wasn’t an object of the investigation

In addition, we have Trump’s interview with Lester Holt on NBC and Trump’s subsequent meeting with Russian officials in the Oval Office. In both instances, Trump connected his firing of Comey with the Russian investigation.

Also bear in mind the obstructions of justice that caused the House to impeach previous presidents concerned issues far less serious than Trump’s possible collusion with a foreign power to win election.

Democratic leaders say they don’t want to talk about impeachment now because they’re worried about politicizing the current congressional investigations, which aren’t impeachment inquiries. Hello? Republicans have already politicized them. 

The real reason Democratic leaders don’t want to seek an impeachment now is they know there’s zero chance that Republicans, who now control both houses of Congress, would support such a move. So why engage in a purely symbolic gesture? 

Democratic leaders figure that between now and the midterm elections there will be even more revelations from non-partisan sources – future testimony by Trump operatives like Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, early reports from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and leaks to the press – that will build the case, and fuel more public outrage. 

That outrage will give Democrats a strong chance of taking back the House and maybe even the Senate. Then they’ll really impeach Trump.

I can’t argue with the political logic of Democratic leaders. And if their strategy will lead to Trump’s ouster sooner than any other way, I’m all for it.

But here’s the problem. It’s not clear America can wait for the midterm elections, followed by what’s likely to be a long and drawn-out impeachment investigation, followed by a trial in the Senate. (Note that none of the presidents listed above was ever convicted by the Senate and thrown out of office.) 

With each passing day, Donald Trump becomes a greater danger to America and the world. We don’t have time. 

The advantage of introducing a bill of impeachment now – even attempting to do so – is that such an action might itself galvanize the vast majority of Americans who want Trump out of office. It could mobilize and energize people around the most important immediate issue facing the country. 

Never underestimate the power of a public aroused to action. It is worth recalling that Nixon resigned of his own accord before the House had even voted out an impeachment resolution. The American public demanded it. 

Rebel Alliance

From Fearsome Beard:

Mayors stand up for what is right, yes this is a link…go ahead click it…you know you want to. 

Not just mayors but governors. Good politicians with a moral compass who wish to pass a viable planet on to their children stand up.

The message that made me post a link to that article is that this is not a time to get bitter. Now is the time to lead. Lead by example. Lead with good honest morals. Lead by taking steps to not only meet the standards set for us by the Paris Agreement, but exceed those standards. Lead by taking these steps in each of our daily lives and in our communities, cities and states.

Say “Fuck You” to the weaklings who put personal gain and personal comfort over the love of their fellow man, the planet, the animals, the unborn descendants of us all. Those assholes aren’t leaders, those assholes are spineless greedy selfish cowards.

Don’t let such short sided dimwits make you angry & bitter, that’s what they want. Follow the lead of these courageous Mayors and Governors. Follow their lead starting with your personal choices and follow them with your support. Together we can out do any mess and any harm that those that are misguided ignorant narcissistic demagogues dish out.

David Mixner: None Dare To Call It Treason

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero

Swirling like a tornado causing havoc and death, President Trump hopes to keep the American people off balance by committing one destructive act after another.  Our heads are spinning as we watch everything we care about in America be destroyed by this president who owes his election to a foreign power.

The strategy of the pathological lying is to create a smoke screen that makes it harder for our democracy to defend itself from the horror of these times.  There are so many issues we can fight back on including our environment, human rights, economic inequality, school lunches, healthcare, food for our seniors, climate change, etc.

All are important but we will lose all of these issues forever if we ignore the real threat which is to our democracy.

Let us not be distracted with noise, sideshows and attempts to divide.  At this stage, we must be citizens first who are willing to overlook our differences and control our self-righteousness to save America..

Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as a “citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]. In many nations, it is also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aiding or involved by such an endeavor.”

President Donald Trump has committed treason.

Harsh? I don’t think so.

Early in this total nightmare, I was skeptical that the Trump people really coordinated with the Russians to win the election. Now I have not a doubt that Trump himself was aware of the Russians interfering in our democratic elections. Our sitting president coordinated with a foreign power to win in an election and in the process, has ‘seriously injured the nation.’

I supported Bernie Sanders in the primary but worked my ass off for Hillary in the general. There is no question (especially if you read ‘Shattered’) the Democratic campaign could have been more effective.

However, Hillary won the popular vote by three million votes and lost Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan by a total just over 100,000 votes. Without a doubt, it is obvious that the Russian hacking of our election could have cost that many votes in those three states let alone the nation. As people are fearful of such harsh charges against a sitting President, it is important that the American people know his crimes against our nation.

  1. His campaign, and I am convinced with his knowledge, coordinated with a longtime hostile nation to undermine our democracy.
  2. He has used his presidential powers in a stunning attempt to cover up the treason.
  3. An America in chaos is a huge victory for the Russians.
  4. There is no question that entities involved with the entire Trump empire have benefited from the Russian connection including possibly laundering Russian funds in such places as banks in Cyprus.
  5. The president and his entire family are making tons of money from blatant conflict of interests and using foreign connections to create more wealth. The Oval Office has become one big garage sale.
  6. The president has attempted to undermine the Constitution with his bitter attacks on American institutions including a free press, separation of powers and transparency.
  7. His appointments to key positions in the administration are NOT people who attempt to provide a clear conservative alternative to critical issues facing America but are extremists to create chaos and destruction of our land, our values and our freedom.
  8. He is clearly breaking the laws of the land, violating the principles of the Constitution and committing obstruction of justice in order to cover-up his high crimes.
  9. President Trump is using the powers of his office to destroy American citizens personally and weaken our beloved American way so a select few can make huge profits.
  10. There is a real possibility that our president has serious mental disorders and if so, we can no longer pretend that the emperor has clothes.

This is not some cheap amateur burglary attempt at the Watergate and the attempted cover-up or a president lying about a sexual affair in the Oval Office.

Simply put, this is a coordinated effort with the Russians by our president to undermine our democracy and freedom. It is treason.


Dead Man Lying


We’ve reached a magical time in the great story unfolding before us, the time when everybody knows that Trump is guilty, but the verdict is not yet in. I remember exactly how it happened in the Watergate story, when everybody knew Nixon was guilty of ordering the break-in at the DNC headquarters at the Watergate hotel and office complex and supervised the cover-up, but evidence sufficient to prove his guilt wasn’t yet available. Guilty men lie, and lie repeatedly. Their early lies beget later lies; their little lies beget bigger lies; their implausible lies beget extraordinary lies; they tell more and more outrageous lies as their day of reckoning closes in. It was true of Nixon and now it’s true of Trump. The lies multiply, they become ever more far-fetched, and finally the day arrives when lying doesn’t work anymore. We’re there with Trump. He lies practically every time he takes a breath, but his lies aren’t working anymore. He’s choking from lack of oxygen. He’s a dead man lying.