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Most significantly, these first six months have revealed a central weakness of our system: its dependence on leadership that honors the norms and traditions of our political institutions and understands the necessity of at least appearing to adhere to common values of decency and honesty. President Trump and the Republicans in Congress have shown no respect for any of that. It’s a harsh lesson for our country and it may get harsher still. But at least we know now who they really are and what they really believe in: nothing.” ~ Heather Digby Parton, Salon

Quote of the Day

In no particular order, America has overcome a civil war, Adolf Hitler, a depression, and even disco. This illegitimate occupation of the White House by a confirmed traitor is a whole new kind of challenge for us. But we can, and we will, overcome this. In the end, the will of the people will propel the Constitution to propel Donald Trump out on his ass. When his degenerative brain disease finishes him off in a few years, he’ll either die a lonely miserable broke man, or he’ll die in a prison cell. We’re in the fight of our lives. But Trump is going to lose this battle, and America is going to win. We always have, and we always will.” ~ Bill Palmer, The Palmer Report


Yeah, I used to read the newspaper (you remember those, actual physical objects, right?) during lunch back in the 80s and 90s (a lot of time just for the latest installment of Bloom County), but I was never what you’d call a news junkie.

But like so many other things, that all changed on 9/11. I was glued to the television set and the radio in the aftermath, and as we descended into the Madness of King George during the subsequent years, it seemed the whole world came online, feeding our need addiction to be informed of what was going on in every corner on the globe.

This obsession has only gotten worse under the reign of 45. Every day I scour my feeds in hopes of finding some nugget, some morsel of good news: notice of his resignation, his impending Impeachment and removal from office, the invocation of the 25th Amendment…anything to restore sanity to this glitch-in-the-matrix, alternate-reality we were thrust into six months ago. There are glimmers of hope. Amid the now-daily, further-down-the-rabbit-hole revelations of criminal wrongdoing and Russian collusion, news of hearings and investigations are finally starting to break through the noise. The noose is slowly tightening around the necks of everyone connected with the criminal cabal currently occupying the Oval Office, but it’s all moving so slowly. I realize that the wheels of justice turn slowly and there can be no mistakes made in this process if we are to rid our country of this cancer, but I want the nightmare to end now. I want to go back to some semblance of a normal life, of normal sleep patterns…of not having to constantly wonder how much more damage that asshole, his cronies or his enablers will wreak before they’re all ultimately behind bars. (I’d much prefer to see justice delivered in the manner employed by the French Revolution, but we are a civilized country after all.)

Most of all, I want the firehose of steaming bullshit shut off. I realize that all politicians lie—as a certain insurance company’s current advertising campaign goes, “It’s what they do”—but to be lied to so blatantly, in such an obvious how-stupid-do-you-think-we-are manner with a straight face and absolutely no push back from the media has to end! I’m tired of the jokes, the parodies, and the fact that you cannot escape news of that demented, motherfucking man-baby no matter where you go online.

In short, I want my—I want our—lives back. I want intelligent, rational adults back in charge of this country so I don’t have to worry every waking moment about what’s going on in Washington.


Hey 45, how does it feel being another Clinton bitch?

You just got OWNED, you blithering, clueless asshole!

The Mediocrity of White Privilege

Not my words, but my sentiment:

And fuck yes, this is what really pisses me off: the mediocrity of white privilege. It’s not just illiterate toothless hillbillies who claim they’re the master race, it’s bigger than that: it’s thoroughly average (and that’s being generous) specimens like the entire Trump clan. They’re not particularly smart, attractive, talented, imaginative, or any of the other calculi by which we usually award status via merit. They’re completely, totally, obviously mediocre. I know we live in amateur hour, but America used to do at least a half-assed job of pretending to be a meritocracy. If the Trumps have been elevated to the highest circles of our culture, we can’t ever again lay claim to that meritocracy. There is zero merit in inherited wealth. There is no merit in vulgarity, no matter how many fellow vulgarians dress it up as “saying it like it is”. There is no merit in knowing nothing, no matter how afraid of expertise and intelligence the peasant class is. I am offended, in ways that exceed my capacity for reasonable discourse, by this elevation of the mediocre. By this worship of the idiot as a symptom of the self hating ignorance of the legions of equally mediocre voters. This offense against all progress is a vile cancer on the impulse to continue to perfect our union, and it must be stamped out, beaten down, crushed. Not all opinions are valid, not all ideas are created equal, and the idea that humanity must retard its journey in order to assuage the confusion of the most mediocre of our species is a betrayal of every potential we have.

This is EPIC

Junkie Running Dry

‌by Kevin D. Williamson
June 30, 2017 2:34 PM

Some people simply cannot handle the fact that Donald Trump was elected president.

One of those people is Donald Trump.

Trump has shown himself intellectually and emotionally incapable of making the transition from minor entertainment figure to major political figure. He is in the strange position of being a B-list celebrity who is also the most famous man in the world. His recent Twitter attack on Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s Morning Joe exemplifies that as much as it does the president’s other by-now-familiar pathologies, notably his strange psychological need to verbally abuse women in physical terms.

Trump may have his problems with women, but it is his unrequited love of the media that is undoing him.

“I always tell the president, ‘You don’t need them,’” says Sean Hannity, the self-abasing monkey-butler of the Trump regime. The president, Hannity says, can reach more Americans via Twitter than he could through the conventional media. That isn’t true, of course: Only about one in five Americans uses Twitter. Hannity might be forgiven for not knowing this, a consequence of his much more general habit of not knowing things. But he actually does know the president. How could he possibly believe that this man—this man—does not need them?

He needs them the way a junkie needs his junk.

Donald Trump cares more about how he is perceived in the media than he cares about anything else in the world, including money. Trump is a true discipline of Bishop Berkeley, professing the creed of the social-media age: Esse eat percipi— “To be is to be seen.” Trump is incapable of enjoying anything—money, success, sex—without being perceived enjoying it.

Consider: Even though he has in fact been on the cover of Time magazine, it was discovered this week that he had had his people produce some fake Time magazine covers lauding the success of his television show, The Apprentice. He had these fake Time covers displayed at Trump properties around the world. Why? Because Trump, for all his professed contempt for the media, believes that success is not success until it is certified by Time magazine or (avert thine eyes, Hannity!) the New York Times.

Donald Trump is a man who invented an imaginary friend, John Barron, to call up members of the New York press and lie to them about his business success and his sex life. (He claimed, among other things, to be dating Carla Bruni.) A man who “does not need” the media does not do that.

Trump wrote of the third lady that he chose her because he wanted to be able to enter a room with her and make other men envious—to see “grown men weep”—a very strange admission that his satisfaction in his marriage rests neither with himself nor with his wife but with third parties who might ogle her. (His cuckoldry-obsessed fans must surely have noted this.) But envious of what? Asked during a public appearance whether she’d have married Trump if he weren’t rich, she answered: “If I weren’t beautiful, do you think he’d be with me?” There is a certain clarity in that, one of a very familiar sort.

As president and president-elect, Trump spent a great deal of time tweeting about his ratings as host of The Apprentice and those of his successor, about the ratings of various news programs covering him, about the viewerships and readerships of various media outlets, generally theorizing that those critical of him must by moral necessity be in decline. On the other hand, he plainly does not know that there are tax provisions in the health-care bill Republicans are trying to drag out of Congress: He was perplexed when they came up at a White House meeting with Republican senators, saying that he was planning on taking on tax reform at a later date, oblivious to the content of the bill he purports to be negotiating. He doesn’t understand what’s going on between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but has taken to Twitter to argue—surprise—that, whatever it is, it’s all about him.

What do you think he reads first in the morning: His national-security briefing or Page Six?

Quote of the Day

Democrats need to grow a pair and go on TV and radio and start actually slugging it out with idiotic Republicans. They don’t need to go low like the GOP, but fucking man the trench for once and don’t give an inch. Climate change is REAL. Evolution is REAL. Tax cuts DO NOT WORK. Healthcare is a RIGHT. Black people and muslims are being MURDERED on a daily basis. Trump COLLUDED with the Russians. Democrats need to start fighting like the world and people’s lives depend on it.” ~ Levi Olson (via leviolson)

I’ve been screaming to the Democrats to grow a spine since W was in the White House!

Addicted to the Internets

I think part of the reason I’m so hopelessly addicted to the internet right now is that I am constantly searching for some good news, for some relief from the horrible, morally-draining, depressing situation this country finds itself in.

Every time I log in, I hope to be greeted with some screaming headline like:



Or any number of other things that only fear for my own karma prevent me from publicly stating. But sadly, it seems every login only brings more news of the America we know and love being systematically destroyed by the Russian Puppet, one of his cloven-hoofed minions, or the Republican Congress (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Russian Federation) all while the media is spewing BULLSHIT with absolutely no push-back happening whatsoever.

And what’s worse is it feels like we are powerless to stop it.

John Ossoff’s loss last night to Karen Handel didn’t help matters. So many of us had viewed that as a bellwether of the 2018 mid-terms and in fact, despite the initially demoralizing loss, it may still be. GA06 was a deep red district that went overwhelmingly to Trump and whose last Republican handedly won over his Democratic challenger by 21%. Handel won by only 4%. If that can happen in a red district, imagine what could happen in a purple one…

Surprisingly perhaps, I still save faith in our system and that the country will eventually wake from this nightmare; we’ve endured worse and have come through a better people because of it—but I am impatient and I want it to be over with now. I want to be able to go back to sleeping soundly at night. I don’t want to be walking around in a continual cloud of depression. I don’t want to have to think about what the President is doing, because I know he’s an adult, and has this country’s best interest at heart.

In short, I want to see that illegitimate bastard currently occupying the White House and every one of his associates dragged away in chains. But thanks to the likes of The Palmer Report (whose every lede and bit of reporting has been borne out as factual) and others, I know the wheels of justice are turning; just not as quickly as I’d like. But impeachment is not something to be rushed. It takes time; all the i’s must be dotted and the t’s crossed if we are to rid ourselves of the criminal cabal currently dismantling our country and destroying our place in the world.

When I finally shuffle off this mortal coil I want the ferret-wearing, cheeto-faced shitgibbon and his willfully ignorant, red-capped lunatic followers to be but a distant memory, a cancer was successfully eradicated from the body politic, and if that takes a longer than I’d like, it will be worth it.