Vintage Audio Porn

Pioneer RT-909

I was never a huge fan of reel-to-reel tape back in the day; mainly because the hardware was extremely expensive. But moreso, cassettes were in their ascendancy and soon to overtake the much older format. That being said, I can’t deny the absolute beauty of some of the machines…


Back in the 80s and 90s, I had hundreds of these. But even with a good deck, cassettes (from whatever manufacturer) never sounded as good to my ears as the original vinyl they were ripped from. Close, yes. But not the same.

There was no denying the convenience, and in the days before portable and car CD players, they were the only way to take your music with you.

I gave most of my cassettes to my sister during the great purge of 2003, but I think I still have about a half dozen in a box somewhere.

Vintage Audio Porn

The Fisher RS-3050: this is one that flew under my radar all these years. Maybe because back in the day Fisher wasn’t considered as good as Pioneer or Sony or Technics. No matter; this is one gorgeous piece of gear.


knew there had to be treasure vaults like this scattered across the globe, but never believed in a thousand years I’d actually see one. Too bad the stuff has all been sold. That guy is probably a very wealthy man now.