Gratuitous Rahull Kohli

We made it through one—maybe two (I can’t remember)—seasons of Kohli’s iZombie before giving up. It wasn’t a bad show. we just lost interest; probably from Zombie overload. At the time I think we were watching The Walking Dead and ZNation (which was a hoot before it started taking itself too seriously) in addition, and frankly there’s just so much of the undead anyone can take on a weekly basis..

Rahul has an active Instagram, in case you want to see more of him.

Gratuitous Adam Garcia

Because why the hell not?

Last week I finished watching Nat Geo’s Genius, a fascinating 10-part miniseries chronicling the life and times of physicist Albert Einstein. Because of the way his story was presented (and because I don’t know enough about the life of the man to say otherwise) I came away from the series with a single thought: Einstein was a dick. A brilliant dick, yes. But still a dick.

In the final episode, Adam Garcia played WWII’s famous “catcher-cum-spy” Moe Berg, who was tasked with obtaining intelligence from—and assassinating if necessary—Werner Heisenberg (author of the famous Uncertaincy Principle) in regards to Nazi attempts to build an atomic bomb.

I was unfamiliar with Garcia’s work, but since he looked good enough to eat in Genius, so you can be assured I’ll be keeping an eye out for this actor in the future.