My Guilty Culinary Pleasure

Yup. Cottage cheese and potato chips.

When I was a wee thing, my parents could not get me to eat cottage cheese. Yeah, it’s healthy and all that, but it was just so…bland. Then they stumbled upon giving it to me on a potato chip. SOLD!

From that point on, it’s been my guilty culinary pleasure. Ben thinks it’s disgusting, but it’s healthier than chips and that in-a-jar dip we had been getting. The cottage cheese is very low carb, and the combination of the creamy smoothness of the cottage cheese with the crisp saltiness of the chips is what makes it work so well.

I used to think that liking this was my own personal quirk, but a quick Google search has confirmed that I’m not alone.

As much as I love the chips, I need to keep an eye on my carbs, so next time I get the urge I’ll try it with some whole grain crackers instead, to make it an really healthy snack…