Impure Thoughts

Everyone remembers Tom Selleck’s 80s-era pornstache, but how many people know or remember that Jameson Parker also rocked one in Prince of Darkness? (Which in my opinion is one of the most under-appreciated films of the genre.) Unlike Selleck’s ‘stache (who I never really got off on) seeing Mr. Jameson’s even after all these years still makes me weak in the knees.


Yes, they all look the same, but that’s why it’s called a “type.”

Believe It Or Not (NSFW)

I dated this one back in the day—about a year after these photos were taken for his spread in MEN magazine. We even lived together briefly. Very briefly. About three weeks after he moved in with me, he met some floozy at The Midnight Sun and became as smitten with John as I had been with him. He moved out shortly thereafter, and while I ran into him occasionally around town during the months that followed, we never spoke again.  When I run across his pictures on the internet like I did here, I wonder whatever ultimately became of him.

He has such a common name that even in our internet-connected age it would be all but impossible to track him down—not that I have any desire to.

And just in case you don’t believe me…

These were taken on Mt. Tamalpais shortly after we met and before he moved in and the ensuing drama occurred. I don’t remember much about this particular outing other than I was sick as a dog—but wasn’t going to let that get in the way of me spending time with him.

“Justin Banks” (not his real name) is just one of several personal Tales of the City

Maybe one of these days I’ll share them all.