Gratuitous Adam Garcia

Because why the hell not?

Last week I finished watching Nat Geo’s Genius, a fascinating 10-part miniseries chronicling the life and times of physicist Albert Einstein. Because of the way his story was presented (and because I don’t know enough about the life of the man to say otherwise) I came away from the series with a single thought: Einstein was a dick. A brilliant dick, yes. But still a dick.

In the final episode, Adam Garcia played WWII’s famous “catcher-cum-spy” Moe Berg, who was tasked with obtaining intelligence from—and assassinating if necessary—Werner Heisenberg (author of the famous Uncertaincy Principle) in regards to Nazi attempts to build an atomic bomb.

I was unfamiliar with Garcia’s work, but since he looked good enough to eat in Genius, so you can be assured I’ll be keeping an eye out for this actor in the future.

Thirty Years

Kent Kelly 15 November 1955 – 24 June 1987

I guess I’m kind of weird in that in addition to keeping friends’ and family’s birthdays in my calendar, I also keep note of their passing. (It probably stems from having lost so many to the ravages of AIDS in the 80s and 90s.) Today I noticed it’s been thirty years—thirty years—since my friend and mentor Kent Kelly departed this planet.

I was set to raise a glass and wax poetic about what Kent meant to me and how he influenced my life, but realized I’d already written extensively of our quirky relationship a couple years ago, so I guess that only leaves the raising of the glass and maybe posting a couple additional pix…

Addicted to the Internets

I think part of the reason I’m so hopelessly addicted to the internet right now is that I am constantly searching for some good news, for some relief from the horrible, morally-draining, depressing situation this country finds itself in.

Every time I log in, I hope to be greeted with some screaming headline like:



Or any number of other things that only fear for my own karma prevent me from publicly stating. But sadly, it seems every login only brings more news of the America we know and love being systematically destroyed by the Russian Puppet, one of his cloven-hoofed minions, or the Republican Congress (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Russian Federation) all while the media is spewing BULLSHIT with absolutely no push-back happening whatsoever.

And what’s worse is it feels like we are powerless to stop it.

John Ossoff’s loss last night to Karen Handel didn’t help matters. So many of us had viewed that as a bellwether of the 2018 mid-terms and in fact, despite the initially demoralizing loss, it may still be. GA06 was a deep red district that went overwhelmingly to Trump and whose last Republican handedly won over his Democratic challenger by 21%. Handel won by only 4%. If that can happen in a red district, imagine what could happen in a purple one…

Surprisingly perhaps, I still save faith in our system and that the country will eventually wake from this nightmare; we’ve endured worse and have come through a better people because of it—but I am impatient and I want it to be over with now. I want to be able to go back to sleeping soundly at night. I don’t want to be walking around in a continual cloud of depression. I don’t want to have to think about what the President is doing, because I know he’s an adult, and has this country’s best interest at heart.

In short, I want to see that illegitimate bastard currently occupying the White House and every one of his associates dragged away in chains. But thanks to the likes of The Palmer Report (whose every lede and bit of reporting has been borne out as factual) and others, I know the wheels of justice are turning; just not as quickly as I’d like. But impeachment is not something to be rushed. It takes time; all the i’s must be dotted and the t’s crossed if we are to rid ourselves of the criminal cabal currently dismantling our country and destroying our place in the world.

When I finally shuffle off this mortal coil I want the ferret-wearing, cheeto-faced shitgibbon and his willfully ignorant, red-capped lunatic followers to be but a distant memory, a cancer was successfully eradicated from the body politic, and if that takes a longer than I’d like, it will be worth it.

American Gods Went Out With a Bang

Season One of American Gods wrapped up last night, and while it answered many of the questions it’s posed, it has also left me wanting so much more. Only 8 episodes? That seems like just a prologue! Really STARZ?

Okay, I get it. This wild, crazy, visually stunning show is an expensive undertaking. The sets, constuming, and special effects are absolutely cinematic. But only 8 episodes and we have to wait how long for Season Two?

Quote of the Day

Oh, there are a lot of lousy people in the world. Also, a lot of terrific people. You’ve gotta remember that, and you’ve got to move in the right circles. I have days where I just want everyone to go fuck themselves or walk off a cliff, but I only say that to myself, and I smile and I walk home and I have some tea, I talk to Garson [Kanin, her husband], I might take a nap. Then I wake up and I write, and in writing, I wipe away all the unpleasantness of the day, of the people, of the city, whatever. We have it in our power to overcome assholes, and I think we have them thrown into our path to see if we have the chops to handle them. Handle them.” ~ Ruth Gordon, American Actress, 1984

Shower Thoughts

I lived a musically sheltered life, so I’m just now realizing that quite a few of the disco tunes I loved and shook my booty to in my teens and twenties were nothing more than covers of songs done in the 50s and 60s.

Just Think…

…it only would’ve taken one to prevent our current national nightmare.
And yet I can’t help thinking if not Trump, it would’ve been someone else, equally vile. The current occupant of the White House is merely indicative of a lesson this country—and indeed all of humanity—needs to learn.

Canon Jesus is Better Than Fandom Jesus

While historical scholars are increasingly doubting the fact he even existed, this is an interesting take on one JC:

Jesus Christ was a brown Jew in the Middle East, conceived out of wedlock in an arguably interracial if not interspecies (deity and human) relationship, raised by his mother and stepfather in place of his absent father.  He may not have had a Y chromosome.  He spent his early youth as a refugee in Egypt, where his family no doubt survived initially on handouts from the wealthy (You think they kept that gold, frankincense, and myrrh from the wise men?  Hell no, they sold that stuff for food and lodging).  He later returned with his parents to their occupied homeland and lived in poverty.

The religion of Jesus’s people has no concept of a permanent hell and instructed its priests on how to induce miscarriages.  Jesus explicitly rejected the concept of disability as a divine punishment.  He spoke out against religious hypocrites.  He had enough respect for women to let his mother choose the time of his first miracle.  He blessed a same sex couple.  He told a rich man that he must give up his wealth to get to heaven, and also told a parable about a rich man suffering in agony in presumably Gehinnom (basically Purgatory) just to hammer the point home.  He told people to pay their taxes.  He declared “love your neighbor” to be one of the two commandments on which all laws hang.  He commanded his followers to help the poor.  He commanded them to help the sick and the needy.  He spent time with social outcasts.  He healed the servant of a high priest during his arrest rather than fighting back.  He was put to death by the occupying government because he was a political radical.

Trump and his administration are xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, fear-mongering, warmongering, tax-dodging, anti-Semitic, anti-choice, anti-welfare, anti-equal pay, anti-LGBTQIA+, anti-immigration, support tax cuts for the rich, support Citizen’s United, want to keep refugees out of this country, want to limit our ability to speak against the government, plan to abolish the Affordable Care Act, and they wrap all of that up behind a banner of “Christian family values.”  If you support them, you have no right to call yourself a follower of Christ.


Flip Or Flop

One of our favorite “unscripted” home renovation programs over the years has been HGTV’s Flip or Flop. Unlike most of the shows of this genre—especially Flipping Vegas—the hosts, Tarek and Christina El Moussa, seemed to have the least amount of on-screen drama of any of them. (What we’ve subsequently learned about their off-screen drama is another matter entirely however.) They always seemed to know what they were doing, didn’t act too surprised when they encountered unexpected expenses during the renovations, and generally speaking, Christina’s taste wasn’t half bad (the same cannot be said of the hosts of HGTV’s current offshoot program, Flip or Flop Las Vegas (Maybe it’s just a Las Vegas thing?) but those ruminations are better left to a subsequent post.


While this house on Cerecita Drive in Whittier, California itself is architecturally butt-ugly, I do like what Tarek and Christina did with it—and I especially like the colors, finishes, and the final staging. Of all the houses they’ve done, I think this is actually one of my all-time favorites. I could easily see us living there.

I like the turquoise, gray and white color scheme. The only thing I would’ve done differently is to continue to wrap it (and the horizontal siding and molding) around the garage as well so the garage didn’t look like so much of an afterthought.

Quote Of The Day

Always ahead of his time.

The far right cannot discount the fact that sitting in their parlor is the Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party, every racist group in the United States and not a few of some Fascist orders that have scrambled their way up from the sewers to a position of new respectability.” ~ Rod Serling, 1960